guitarist. played in funk/rock/folk/blues/punk/country bands on and off for 30 years

self taught on guitar, piano, percussion until 1982. Studied percussion from 1982-84. "schooled" in rock, blues, folk/country, and punk guitar

studied guitar with Jonathan Hall, Ray Wilson, Preston Reed and Erich Avinger from 1982 through 1990

first began playing experimental solo guitar in mid-eighties and developed own style of acoustic-improv guitar/vocal at the Blue Zone Art Space in Kichijoji, Tokyo, Japan from 1990-1994. played 3 times a week there for almost 4 years

played 10 consecutive nights at Blue Zone Art Space in Tokyo, Japan 1991

played 14 consecutive nights at the Blue Zone in Tokyo, Japan to coincide with improvised painted poem exhibition dedicated to Kenneth Patchen, March, 1992

"keguribap" released on Yabyum in 1997

"pnbna" released on Fleece Records in 1998

"solo live '98" released on Yabyum in 1999

played at the Break 21 Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia and at the Tolmin Music Festival in Tolmin, Slovenia in May 2000

"Hud Pes!" a double cd of live studio recordings with percussionist Richard Cholakian to be released in late 2000

"The Mommy Row" to be released on Family Vineyard Records in Fall 2004

B.E.R.P (Ben Lind/Ernesto Diaz-Infante/(Barbara) Rose Lange/philip gayle "Rubble at Lackey Bridge" to be released in Spring 2005.

""Babanço Total"" to be released on Public Eyesore Records in October 2011

philip loves writing, short-track speedskating, reading, movies, music, and lots of other groovy things!