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This month has been soooooooo busy! Unbelievably busy! I went to Canada and will take a break and head to Houston for a week!! Yeah!! I had to stay at home all day and work today for a deadline on Monday...I didn't get to go out to a gig I wanted to see and worked all day and all night! UGH! UGH! It's actually the 23rd now.....But, I am being productive these days and November might be even busier!! I hope to get on some gigs sooner than later! I am writing lots and lots of poetry lately too! Peace to Everyone! Happy Weekend!

It has been too long. I hope everyone is well. The new album The Mommy Row is coming out August 16th on Family Vineyard. I look forward to a Northeast US tour in the Fall. I will be in Japan in the Fall as well, so it looks like it will be a busy end to the year. I will keep all posted for gig dates and release info. - philip

Frank Martin and me
outside Diverse Works
as it burns down.
I took this photo when I finally
parted with my favorite shoes.

I must have played at the Blue Zone in Kichijoji, Tokyo over 100 times. The greatest space to be weird in.
Unfortunately it burned down as well. Photo with Homma Yasunobu..

This is Birgrumbacher.
He recorded a lot of my stuff
like Keguribap.
He's a bassist in New Zealand.
A great musician.
1980 in Vermont.
I carried an old camera case stuffed
with tree bark and wrote poems
about puddles and frogs
and sponges.

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